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17 Seater Bolton Minibus Hire

Bolton is a vibrant town situated in the Tay estuary and enjoy the sunniest days in Scotland. There are a lot of activities, both indoor and outdoors, to engage in if you are in the town for vacation. You will enjoy a wide selection of high-quality stuff if you plan to shop. Given its compactness, you can quickly stroll through the town.

Our well maintained 17 seater minibus hire Bolton, and 18 seat minibus hire provide excellent service to a common group of travelers. You can opt for the self-drive option which gives you absolute freedom and enable you to explore Bolton at your pace. You will, however, need proof to show that you are a qualified and authorized driver. We are committed to the safety of all the passengers on board and other road users.

You do not want to show up for a workshop late, tired, and worked up from the long journey because you drove all the way. Consider our minibus hire with drivers, and you can sit back and relax. When traveling as a group, regardless of the number, coordinating people is draining. We can handle that for you if you let us. Our drivers are extremely experienced and time-conscious individuals. There people relation skills are excellent. They go about their duties with warmth and put all the passengers at ease with their positive personality.

Great customer experience is a guarantee. Every employee undergoes a thorough customer training after induction for consistent service. We handpick our staff, and besides merit, we pay attention to the soft skills. You will notice Coach Hire Bolton staff are great team players. This is how we manage to serve you better.

We believe that comfort is essential for any trip. Our seats are recliners and skillfully furnished with leather to give you a stress-free adventure. Music is a great stress reliever, and when heading for a crucial business meeting, it can help reduce anxiety. If you prefer a particular genre, let us know. We feed your soul too! At no extra cost.

The luxury units come with elegant additions like tables, catering and drink services among others. In the case of the large carriers, hostess services are part of the package. These cars are always very new. Come on, you live once, right? Indulge when you have that extra shilling to spare.

If you are working with a limited budget, our standard vehicles will serve you well. You will not have to part with your life's savings for this ride. Though not the same as the executive cars, these minibusses will give you excellent comfort and convenience.

'Meet & Greet' are among some of the unique services we offer on request. It might be your very first time in Bolton; you do not have to feel like a stranger though. Someone will wait for you at the arrivals with a cheerful smile. We also offer specialized services to people with disabilities, pregnant women, and passengers with little babies. If you need any of the extra attention or any other need that does not fall in our packages, let us know days before the trip.

Allow us to give you an outstanding experience in Bolton. Call us with your itinerary, regardless of your travel reason. We are Scotland's finest transportation company. Check our clients' feedback, and you will be happy to choose us.

Our easy booking process and secure payment methods are another reason why you should consider Coach Hire Bolton. Take a look at our rates and the package we offer.